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I want to be on your mind. Whether it’s for a minute, as a wild memory flashing through your brain; or the subject of a deep, hour-long reverie, I want to curate moments of personal indulgence which stay with you, long after we’ve parted ways. A riot of curves and colour with a sharp mind and a soft, inviting body, I’m a London based professional pleasure seeker & elite BDSM companion. At the heart of it, I’m here for a good time – and I want you to come along for the ride.

I revel in unabashed joy and luxury, and I know that if you’re seeking my company, you do too.  From my extreme proportions to my unapologetic sexuality, I’ve always been a devotee of hedonism, tempered by an understanding that sometimes, discretion is a necessary virtue. I know what I want from life, and I like to spend my time with others who feel the same. I’m definitely not the girl-next-door – but if you were happy with her, you wouldn’t be looking for me.

I’m dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure, in all its forms. So whether you’re searching for an passionate lover to share intimacies with, a playful submissive to take in hand, or a statuesque Mistress who can bring you to your knees, I suppose the most important question is, your place or mine?

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Privately educated and a lifelong student, I’m currently working on my third degree, which keeps me fairly busy. My academic background is in the social sciences, and I’m a smart conversationalist with an innate desire to learn more – I absorb knowledge with the same enthusiasm with which I play.

In my private life, I’m driven by a desire to uncover the unfamiliar and the exciting – whether that’s the latest exhibition, a new piece of literature – or a new lover, and all of the thrill that comes with discovering someone’s predilections for the first time. I imagine that since you’re here, you also recognise the pure rush of ecstasy that comes from this experience – let’s explore it together.

Behind closed doors, I’m an unrepentant hedonist. I’m a creative and passionate play partner, and I take great pleasure in my lovers’ desires. I want to use my body to overwhelm and overpower you, my mind to corrupt and confound you – I won’t stop until we’re both satiated, breathless, with heavy smiles on our faces.

My tastes ranges from playful and flirtatious, to more languorous and decadent. I love the slow discovery of a new partner’s body as well as the urgent rush of passion when you just can’t wait any longer. But at the heart of my desires lies an obsession with kink, and a deep interest in power dynamics during play. I crave the response brought about by a light but firm hand on the back of my neck; the crisp sound of leather meeting bare skin; the rush of pleasure I take from knowing someone has trusted me with their desires.

BDSM has been the cornerstone of my sexuality for a long time, and as a switch, I delight in in both submitting utterly to someone, or taking charge and inflicting pain and pleasure on willing subjects. The thrill of surrendering and taking control, of giving yourself over entirely to a lover, is unparalleled. Professional BDSM experiences allow both of us to explore these thrills in contexts which have the ability to redefine our sexual encounters.

So, let’s play…