Luxury BBW companion // London // BDSM & GFE

Lovers and Lust

Her hand on my thigh is electric. Each fingertip feels like a jolt of pure lust, making me quiver. I run my hands through her long, blonde hair and bury my face in her neck, breathing in her intoxicating scent. My kisses move down her body, and we tumble to the bed…

One of the best things about this job is meeting new people, new lovers and new friends. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been introduced to some of the most beautiful and intelligent women in my life by clients – and that feeling when you meet someone new and just know…it’s a rush!

But sometimes, there’s something about playing with a long time lover which is just exactly what you need. The knowledge that if I put my mouth just there, she’ll shiver *just* so; if I put my hand on her throat and squeeze just a tiny bit, she’ll make that noise which drives me wild.

I’ve known Erin for years now – we met through a mutual friend and from the instant we set eyes on each other, our chemistry was sensational. We share a love of good wine, creative kink and unbridled debauchery, and we’ve been lucky enough to explore these passions together on many occasions. When you have the opportunity to build up such an intense level of trust with someone, it makes anything possible. We push each other to new heights of desire, and anyone who’s been lucky enough to come along for the ride can attest to this.

Whether we’re sharing a bottle of Tempranillo and a plate of manchego, shopping for lingerie, or just plotting what kind of mischief we’re going to get up to next, our time together is never dull – and we’re always up for a new adventure, be it kinky or culinary.

We’re not for everyone – you could never describe either one of us as the ‘girl next door’, unless you were lucky enough to live next door to two pleasure seeking deviants with endless curves. But for those who like their women powerful, their wine strong and their thrills heady, we’re truly a force to be reckoned with. Do you think you can handle us?