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You might have found me after searching for a London BBW escort but, as you’ll soon discover, I’m much more than my curves. So, take your time, and let’s get to know each other.

I'm a woman who knows what she wants

And I like to spend my time with similarly minded lovers. My tastes run from unhurried intimate encounters, to hedonistic passionate flings, to deviant kinky misbehaviour.

I’ve never been one for labels. Once you get to know me, you’ll realise I prefer expansiveness, fluidity, chemistry – letting go and seeing where the mood takes us. Perhaps we’ll share a relaxed afternoon in a bedroom, or a late night escapade to one of London’s darker corners. I enjoy it all, and so am hesitant to categorise myself too neatly.

My expansiveness spills over into my sexuality. Whether I’m taking control as your Domme and bringing you to your knees, or submitting to your desires, it’s the mutual connection and total immersion in the experience that gets me off. I’m a fan of everything from Bourdieu to body worship, although perhaps not at the same time.


The Amelia Swann experience


Kink and power play are my life’s delights. But they are not my be all and end all. If you’re looking for a more intimate, sensual experience, I’m more than happy to oblige. But given ‘the girlfriend experience’ is such a broad term, let me explain what it will come to mean for us…

It’s a commitment to pleasure. To unhurried luxury. When was the last time you gave yourself what you truly wanted? The last time you set aside a few hours, a whole evening, or an entire weekend, dedicated to your pleasure?

You know the value of your time, so spend it with someone who makes you feel truly exceptional. Someone who is a devotee of sensuality with a healthy dose of playfulness.

Getting personal

Reading this far means you want more and have a curious mind. This bodes well. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

Privately educated and a lifelong student, I’ve recently completed my third degree. You may now officially call me Dr Swann. My academic background is in the Social Sciences, and I’m a smart conversationalist with an innate desire to learn more. I absorb knowledge with the same enthusiasm with which I play.

I’m constantly torn between a love of spontaneity and thrill-seeking, and a hopeless commitment to organisation and neatly ordered lists. Handy traits when throwing the most well-planned sex party you’ll ever attend.


If we were on a speed date…


…then I would tell you the following in the five minutes we have together:

Three of my favourite things are the thrill you get from jumping into cold water, the smell of the city after rain, and staying up late enough with a new lover to see dawn.

My go-to drink is a dry vodka martini with three olives (one to eat before you drink, one for mid-way through, and one for afterwards) – although the minute the weather gets hot I drink Provence rosé like my life depends on it.

I’m a classically trained pianist (although I haven’t played in years).

I speak passable French. Enough to jump on a train to Paris and order un verre de vin blanc et une assiette de fromage.

I’m an avid wild swimmer, and have hurled myself enthusiastically into sub ten-degree water.

My favourite book of the Bible is the Song of Songs.

I once cried for 10-minutes straight in the back of a Mexican taxi whilst reading A Little Life, as we drove over the mountains in Oaxaca.

People tell me I’m intimidating (which I often think just means I wear red lipstick most of the time) but I’m very playful and soft. In a chic, sexy sort of way, of course.

The finer print

So now you know a little more about me, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of our time together.

Where we’ll meet

I usually host from a gorgeous apartment in Soho. If this is unavailable, I’ll arrange a hotel room . Want me to come to you? I’m happy to if you’re lodgings are in London zones 1-2. Dates further afield might be possible but there is a small travel fee.


My services are bespoke and my fees reflect this. The type of experience, how far I’m traveling, and what we plan to do together are all accounted for. Generally speaking, my fees are in line with other high end companions in London. If you have a budget in mind, please let me know in your first message. I ask for a deposit of 20% for all bookings,  paid via bank transfer or gift card.

The time we’ll need

For an initial meeting, I recommend two hours, allowing us time to really explore each other’s desires. Shorter, hour-long trysts are available to current lovers, subject to availability.

Whilst I’m happy to keep our liaisons to the bedroom, dates which start with dinner or drinks always have a special place in my heart. Give me the chance to put on an extravagant outfit and bright lipstick, and flirt outrageously over a cocktail and I’m there. I also play very well with others, and have a host of beautiful friends available at the drop of a hat.

I adore longer dates, so if you’d like to spend the night together – or the day, the weekend or more – get in touch.

Still have questions? The answers are here.

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