Luxury BBW companion // London // BDSM & GFE

Your Mistress

The urge to submit is a powerful and complex one – it can be all consuming and passionate, shaping every aspect of your life; or subtler, bubbling away under the surface and just waiting to be released. As an experienced London Mistress, I take great pleasure in helping you explore your submissive desires – whether it’s impact play, body worship, facesitting or pegging. Give yourself over to me – I promise it won’t hurt, unless you ask very nicely.


My dominance grew slowly from my love of submitting – but recently it has blossomed and the two complement each other. My years of submission have given me the skills to hone my dominant desires, and I now relish the opportunity to take control.

I adore being worshipped and my impossibly abundant curves cry out for devotion. Do you dream of being overpowered by a beautiful curvy mistress who can use her body and her mind to make you fall to your knees and beg? Or perhaps you prefer to wrestle for control – but be warned, I always win.

I’m a playful domme, but don’t let my charming demeanour fool you. I have a real sadistic streak and I like nothing more than working my way into your mind, insidiously, before you’ve realised what’s happening. I like to deal out punishment with a smile, effortlessly making you beg me for more. I won’t shout demands, preferring to whisper in your ear, watching slowly as you lose control.