Luxury BBW companion // London // BDSM & GFE

Your Submissive

I’ve had submissive desires for as long as I can remember. The thrill I take from surrendering control to another, placing my desires in their hand, is intoxicating. My body craves discipline, and whether I’m being an exhibitionist tease, a playful slut or a helpless slave, I’m never happier than when I’m on my knees, someone else’s pleasure my only concern.

I’m a good girl with very bad intentions, and I need to be taken in hand. Do I look like I could do with a strict lesson in how to behave in school, or just some good old-fashioned discipline for a job poorly done? One of the joys of submission is the sheer variety of roles I can inhabit – I can be your obedient pet or a playful brat, a filthy slut or a pliable toy.

Perhaps you dream about putting me over your knee and punishing me for being a very bad girl, taking your time running your hands over my endless curves until finally giving me what I need. I’m very responsive to touch and will be wriggling in your lap in no time.

I adore spanking and have an extremely generous bottom which reddens beautifully. A total exhibitionist at heart, nothing makes me happier than showing off my curves for my lovers, stripping slowly down, then being punished for being a tease. As a professional submissive with years of personal experience, my proclivities are too varied to list here – and it’s more fun to explore them together in person, whilst you make me beg and squirm, don’t you think?

It’s impossible for me to say where these desires came from, and I struggle to pinpoint exactly what it is about erotic submission which thills me so much. However, part of the joy is the journey of exploration, discovering new kinks and going deeper into my submission with every day. I hope you’ll join me.