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The Virtual Girlfriend

Like many of my colleagues (and, well, the whole world frankly!), the recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced me to make a significant shift in how I communicate with my lovers.

As we face the prospect of weeks, maybe months, in quarantine or self-isolation, we need to make sure we don’t lose touch with our loved ones. It is at times like this that we desperately need to cultivate new forms of intimacy, new forms of human connection and care.

With this in mind, I am delighted to be offering some new virtual experiences, designed to provide both of us with a way of staying in touch, staying grounded and connected to our sexual and intimate selves. And if none of the below takes your fancy, send me an email. I guarantee there’s a way we can create something special for both of us in these uncertain times.

The Faraway Flame

Below are some suggestions for ways of keeping in touch, when touch itself is taboo. However, I’m very open to ideas, and happy to craft something which suits us both.

– Daily good morning and good night texts

– Phone calls

– A few long, conversational emails per week

– Exclusive NSFW photos

– Some back and forth texting (sweet or …not so sweet, your choice)

– Personalised erotica

The Distant Dominatrix

Virtual doesn’t mean vanilla. I don’t need to be in the same room to get inside your mind and make you squirm. My style of domination has always relied more on the psychological than the physical, and so it translates very well to an online interaction. The joy of kink and BDSM is that we’re not bound by physical distance – this is an opportunity to create new forms of erotic pain and pleasure. A few ideas below, but the limit of what we can do is our imagination and creativity.

– Financial domination

– Daily instructions over text – doing tasks for me, using toys on yourself, etc. 

– Email or phone domination, including JOI and SPH

– Personalised kinky erotica

But, really, the (online) world is our oyster. Want to cook dinner together remotely? Play a board-game? Watch Netflix? Read poetry to each other? Let’s do it.

Get in touch for an idea of fees.