Luxury BBW companion // London // BDSM & GFE


Whilst I love the intimacy and intensity of one-on-one encounters, there are times when one craves an excess of luxury. Make an unforgettable date with myself and one or two of my gorgeous friends and watch the sparks fly.


The chemistry’s real, the jokes are bad - but who cares when we look this good? These are my favourite reprobates to get tangled up with, and time spent with us is guaranteed to be sensational.

Ivy Grace

Curvy, tall & witty, Ivy’s smile disarms at twenty paces, the swollen sway of her hips at ten. A keen conversationist & master seducer, this London lady has many a worldly whim. Demure or demanding, charming or absolute, she’s made for making memories.

Bunny BBW

Standing at 5’10 with hourglass proportions Bunny is the perfect, tall, BBW companion. Based in London and specialising in GFE and kink services — Bunny is available for dinner dates, roleplays, afternoon romps and more…

Abigail Hart

Meet London's best kept secret. Abigail is curvaceous, timelessly elegant, and has that kind of refreshingly down to earth personality that makes you feel right at home. Peek beneath that polished exterior though, and you'll find a hedonistic streak running right through her. She laughs easily and often, and can get you into the best sort of trouble.

Erin Paige

Erin is your corrupted sweetheart – an affectionate, playful and charming English girl with a filthy mind and a penchant for both submission and domination. Tall and perfectly curvy, with naturally long blonde hair and full lips, she is made for hedonism and intimacy.Erin is currently based in Japan, as well as being available for fly-me-to-you dates.

Eda Blackwood

There is no time like the present to truly live a fantasy. Eda is an energizing and perceptive companion, with a ferocious appetite for new adventures. Short blonde hair, soft green eyes and a flirtatious smile will have you hopelessly weak in the knees. Bring us together for a singular experience.International companion based in Montreal.

Claude Love

Claude Love is an alternative kinkster, wild child, and petite, submissive escort. She is a self-assured chaser of new experiences, with a rebellious streak that craves discipline. Oxbridge educated, her passions are roleplay and the psychological side of pleasure. Based in London, or fly her to you.

Close friends

I haven’t had a chance to make mischief with these babes (yet…) but they’re all people I know well and think the world of. Fancy bringing us together?

Valerie August

Flirty and unafraid to take the lead, Valerie is all woman. A mix of playful energy and poised confidence; she's well versed in the intimate art of seduction. London & Worldwide.

Louisa Knight

Brilliant, beautiful, humble.

Amelia Laurent

Amelia Laurent is a 5'2", curvy redhead with an appetite for nighttime activities and passionate encounters. Specialising in your fantasy GFE and sensual domination, this modern-day pre-Raphaelite is a master of charm and seduction, all wrapped up with a healthy dose of razor-sharp wit.

Nicolette Bond

The UK’s international ambassador of kink. A self-described heartfelt hedonist, this tiny bombshell is also deeply committed to her intimate circle of vanilla patrons of various genders, spread across the world. Versatile, experienced, glamorous- the perfect multi-lingual travel companion, or catch her in one of her regular haunts – Berlin, London, New York, Athens and Barcelona.

Suzie Blue

A venus flytrap in furs. Suzie Blue is a woman who knows how to take what she wants. She slips between both dominant and submissive roles but it’s chemistry that inspires her the most. Suzie is always chasing new adventures, and moves between worlds with ease: galleries and gig venues, dungeons and suites. Let her lead you astray. Based between London and Berlin.

Tallula Darling

English painted lady and independent private companion, Tallula is a trained Mistress who specialises Kinky GFE. Her hypnotically tattooed curves, bag full of toys and penchant for whiskey and fine dining are usually found in Sydney (and London for their summer) and she is available worldwide by request.

Jessa Jones

While you’ll first notice her smile and then the sweet scent of her perfume, Jessa emanates a sense of quiet confidence that only a woman who truly knows herself can. She exists in contradictions - simultaneously youthful and worldly, both liberated and refined, her head either in a book or in the clouds. This petite beauty is most at home in airplane seats and in the company of like-minded friends. Her eyes may smoulder, but her mind burns even brighter.

Carla James

Carla James is an elite companion with a wicked imagination, specialising in role play and kinky GFE. Carla offers a warm, genuine connection, alongside intense erotic encounters you won’t forget. Visit her in London or fly her to you.

Helena Dawson

Helena is a curvy, Irish redhead who provides a decadent and sensual service, as well as kinky fun. She is also a London expert and makes the ideal dinner and event companion.


A jade-eyed and golden-haired sybarite, who stands a shade under 5'11". Hazel is pertly effervescent with a calm confidence, and is the perfect London-based partner for intimate liaisons. Whether connecting over a meal, between some sheets, or in a dungeon while you're on your knees, your enchantment is guaranteed.

Kat Beaumont

A curvaceous companion and kinky play partner with an alternative twist, Kat can make your fantasies become reality! Her mesmerising blue eyes, raven hair and slightly mischievous smile possess captivating powers. Based in London but available worldwide by request.

Darcy Sloane

Darcy is a uniquely exotic twist on thoroughly British sensibilities. An unapologetically desirous woman that’s unafraid to be entirely herself. It may be her infectious smile and sumptuous curves that initially catch your attention but it will be her charming nature and quick wit that keep it.


WLTM - crushes from afar or glimpsed once or twice across a crowded room, these are people I’ve been making heart-eyes at from a distance for a while now.

Kio Jones

I’m Kio, an exotic, all-natural companion with a generous spirit and a flair for the unexpected. Erotically, my preferences run from sweet-as-vanilla-pie girlfriend, a deliciously sensual domme to sweetly submissive…with plenty of wiggle room in between! Let's create our own sensual secrets and make dreams a part of our reality.

Phoebe Huxley

Phoebe Huxley is a tall and curvaceous English escort providing a sensual oasis in London. A poised classical young beauty with a mischievous streak. lose yourself in intensely indulgent and genuine intimacy that you'll be replaying in your mind all week.

Erin Black

Bawdy, gregarious, and quick to smile, Erin Black is Chicago’s original BBW kinky girlfriend experience! Open-mindedness has led her to focus her energies into certain areas of expertise that are hedonistic, indulgent, and one hell of a good time!

Ylwa Bergman

You’ve heard about the Swedish Sin: a dangerously beautiful woman with an insatiable appetite for sex, luring men to join her in sin.Ylwa Bergman lives and transcends this myth. Her naturally luscious body, full bush and feminine armpit hair, along with her equally dirty and sophisticated mind will leave you breathless.

Darla Blake

Tall, beautiful and well educated, this ex catholic school girl is here to bring all of your most exquisite fantasies to life. A perfect cocktail of coquettishness and complete abandon, London’s Darla Blake will quickly become your new obsession

Joanne Campbell

Brighton based and often found in London, Joanne has generous proportions, a rapacious sexuality, and an unparalleled capacity for deviance. Just as happy with soft sensuality as she is with hardcore BDSM, Joanne is an all natural sexual adventurer with a soft English accent and a playful attitude. Rampantly bisexual and enthusiastically switchy, she makes an enticing playmate.

Sofia Miles

Sofia can elevate the mood of a crowd just by being in the room. She is aliveness personified with a real gift for connecting and a mind that is as sharp as it is flexible. With this skill-set looks may not even matter, but she has them too, just in case.

Lilly Watson

Lilly is an elegant, affectionate, sensual hedonist and elite, discreet dating companion – a blonde, ultra feminine and authentically kinky English rose.

Penny Banks

Bubbly, busty redhead Penny Banks delights in making your messy dreams become reality! Whether it’s gunge, pies or whipped cream, she’s available in London and around the UK and is always ready to get filthy as well as offering GFE, vanilla and BDSM services.

Anya Amasova

Anya Amasova - your very own bond girl. A Russian seductress and luxury companion. This curvy, buxom experienced BDSM and GFE playmate is based in London, but loves to travel internationally.

Annie Lilja

Annie Lilja is a Scandinavian natural redhead who specialises in GFE and submission. With a fresh, freckled face, soft curves and an insatiable appetite for sexual adventures, she’s your perfect London companion.

Penelope Bond

Tall Blonde Curvy Statuesque. International Australian Touring Companion based in Edinburgh and touring nationwide.Catch her before she flies away!

Scarlett May

Regal. Elegant. Passionate: Scarlett May is an Australian born professional companion based in London. At first naively romantic, then ambitiously astute - this rebellious kinkster is truly accomplished at enticing lovers into her honeytrap. The consummate kinky switch, she is both carnal and chaste; both decadent and pure. Who would not succumb to her charm?

Pure Lily

All natural Girl Next Door, Pure Lily is London's Ageplay & Taboo Role Play Submissive Escort in London, also available for Travel Companionship.


Her total black, straight from Milan style encases a vintage hourglass figure and a sweet personality that is fulfilled in sensual domination and lovely vanilla GFE. Highly educated, this edgy Italian amour will seduce you to create unforgettable moments.

Madeleine Moore

An enigma wrapped in decadent curves, Madeleine is a million women in one. Educated and approachable. Dominant and Submissive. Kinky and tender. You believe it is not possible to find everything you want in one woman, but that is simply because you haven't met Madeleine

Barbara Lochrian

Rubenesque punk princess specialising in the dominant girlfriend experience. A natural goddess with silky body hair and original tattoos adorning soft olive skin. A hellraiser with a heart, offering a fresh perspective on many aspects of modern life.

Kinky London Escorts

Love hurts. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Catering to high calibre perverts, we’re thrilled to invite you into the domain of London’s leading independent kinky companions. Specialising in every shade of BDSM, we’re an irresistible cabal of dominants, submissives and switches.

Verity Thorne

Redheaded lady of the night and professional submissive, with all the allure of an uncorrupted girl-next-door but quite the adventurous streak should you get her behind closed doors! She’s an attentive conversationalist in the streets; playful and deviant in the sheets.