Introducing Amelia Swann

I consider myself a contemporary classic. A thoroughly modern woman, I’m as comfortable discussing epistemology as I am eroticism, and I can make you laugh about both.

I pride myself on being an expert in curating moments of personal indulgence and creative kink which will stay with you, long after we’ve parted ways. With a taste for vintage glamour and an eye for timeless elegance, I’m dedicated to a life of good literature, better wine and above all, enthralling company.

I’m drawn to people who allow me to be the most exciting and authentic version of myself, even for a moment. I’m definitely not the girl-next-door – but if you were happy with her, you wouldn’t be looking for me.

I want to be on your mind – whether it’s for a minute, as a wild flash of pleasure, coursing through you; or the subject of a deep, hour-long reverie. Let’s make some memories together.

I thrive off the magic of possibility. You know the feeling. It’s that pulse-quickening, lip-biting, sparks-flying sense that anything could happen, the kind that makes you shiver with anticipation.

It’s moments like this which make life worth living, and I’ve been lucky to have more than my fair share. But these kind of experiences are meant to be enjoyed together – and I hope we get the chance to do just that. Whether you’re looking for a statuesque London Mistress, an experienced submissive escort, or just someone to share intimate moments with, I can’t wait to create some magic with you.

A riot of curves and colour, I can’t help but turn heads wherever I go. Whether our relationship is purely physical or more a meeting of minds, I’m looking for chemistry in my connections, above all else. I look just as good with a glass of Champagne in my hand as I do tangled up in the sheets , although my preference is for both over the course of a long, lazy afternoon in my beautiful Soho apartment, frankly.

I’m committed to the pursuit of pleasure, in all its forms. So whatever it is you’re searching for in an independent London escort, I suppose the most important question is, your place or mine?

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