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Making Memories


We’re all social creatures at heart – our most cherished memories are so often those we make with others. It’s the look of delight on a lovers face as they take their first mouthful of a new cuisine, the knowing smile across a dark and smoky bar, the promise of an evening full of sensual pleasure. These are the moments which stay with us.

With this in mind, I’ve curated a few select experiences for those who value vivacity, men and women who cherish new experiences and authentic connections above all else.

The Gourmand

It’s no secret I’m a devotee of fine dining, but ultimately it’s the company which makes the meal. You can pick the restaurant, or I’m happy to suggest some of my favourites. We’ll flirt a little (or a lot) over a bottle of good wine, let our hands touch ever so slightly.

Then we can slip out into the night, and head back to somewhere a little bit more private to make some memories.


Around four hours // £1150

The Aesthete

Adorno describes art as “magic delivered from the lie of being truth”. I consider art as an essential part of my life – it allows me to escape into a world where nothing matters but colours, shapes, movement. There’s nothing I love more than disappearing into an art gallery or museum with a lover for a few hours, before putting our heads together over lunch to unpick the myriad meanings we found.

The conversation can continue behind closed doors, but somehow I feel we might find other ways to spend our time.


Around six hours // £1550

The Dreamer

Picture the scene. The morning light is streaming in through a crack in the curtains, drawing bright lines through the shadows on our skin. We turn towards each other, bodies warm and heavy with sleep, and as you open your eyes you’re met with the sight of my soft curves glowing in the golden sun.

Sleeping with a lover is an unparalleled joy. It allows for a level of authentic intimacy which is vital in our lives, a rare chance to escape reality for a blissful night. Let’s go out for cocktails and dinner, safe in the knowledge we have the whole night with each other. I’ll bring you coffee and soft kisses in the morning, before we step out into the world again, our minds racing with thoughts of the night before.


Around twelve hours // £2400

The Sybarite

A whole day to luxuriate in. A million ways to spend it. London has so much to offer, and as someone who has lived in this beautiful city for her whole life, I can guarantee you won’t find a more passionate and enthusiastic guide. We can wander the streets of Bloomsbury, I’ll show you my favourite hidden spots in the Barbican, or take a stroll down one of London’s many waterways.

As the sun sets we’ll retire – I’ll even cook you dinner if you ask sweetly – and settle in for a whole evening of unhurried luxury. We’ll have a leisurely brunch, before heading back to bed for just a little while longer.


Around twenty-four hours // £4000

The Globetrotter

Travel broadens the mind, and I’m always on board with mind-expanding activities. Whether we’re lying on a beach sipping cold margaritas, or strolling hand in hand through a quiet piazza at sunset, I’ve always found it’s who I’m with rather than where we are which sticks in my mind the most.

My love for exploration was formed at a young age, and I’ve been lucky enough to visit some truly spectacular destinations in the past decade. However, there’s so many more to explore and I’ve written about some of the places I’m lusting over here. Where are you dreaming of? Let’s make the journey together.

My fees for fly-me-to-you dates are bespoke, so it’s best to get in touch with an idea of what you’d like to do for an accurate quote.

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