Women and Worship

Body Worship

“Woman is sacred; the woman one loves is holy.”

You are standing in the centre of the room, blindfolded. The loss of vision has heightened all your other senses. You can feel the cool air on your skin, hear the tick of the clock, smell the wine we were drinking just a few moments before, the subtle scent of my perfume. Every now and then, you feel a rush of air as I move past you. It’s disorientating – you’re never quite sure where I am. But the sense of anticipation is tantalising. You wait, silently, slowly breathing in and out, trying to calm your racing heart.

Finally, you feel me push you to your knees, and I let you do what you’ve been dying to since you walked in the door. You bury your face in my glorious curves, and slowly, using just your mouth and hands, you show me just how much you want to please me.

Within the BDSM community, body worship is generally defined as the practice of revering any part of someone’s body. It is often done within the context of a BDSM scene, although it can also be done as part of a more intimate GFE session as well. Body worship is one of my favourite things to do, and as a BBW escort, there’s a lot to worship. For me, part of the joy comes from the sheer variety of possibilities it opens up.

It can be gentle, soft kisses working your way up from my feet to my generous bottom. It can be aggressive, as I push your head deeper and deeper into my curves, until you’re smothered, struggling to breathe. It can be extremely erotic, giving you the chance to truly get to know the most intimate parts of a woman’s body. Body worship is an act which allows for the exploration and development of a strong D/s dynamic, and I find it can build a real connection between Mistress and submissive, leading to authentic and meaningful relationships.

An abundance of adoration

Perhaps you want to take your body worship experiences to the next level? Imagine kneeling before two beautiful women, with twice as many curves to pleasure. A body worship session with one of my beautiful friends gives you the chance to show your devotion in new ways, giving us pleasure over and over again. It takes quite a lot to please two beautiful Mistresses, but for those who want something a little more intense, a duo body worship session might be just what you’ve been dreaming about. And you do want to make us both happy, don’t you?

Dynamics of pleasure

Body worship is an intense form of physical devotion, a way to show your Mistress that every single part of her body is something to be adored and honoured. At it’s heart, its a celebration of the female body in its purest form. If you’re truly ready to get down on your knees and show me how much you want to please me, then get in touch.