May and Moments

I hope April treated you well – keeping my fingers crossed that May finally brings some consistent good weather so I can go back to wearing indecent dresses in a beer garden. 

Each month, I’ll be posting a new blog filled with a suggestion of places I’d like to visit, things I’d like to do…and people I’d love to play with – with a view to co-creating experiences which bring out the best in both of us.  In the next few months I’m keen to prioritise longer dates where we can get to know each other. I’m keen to build some deeper connections this year and I can’t wait to lean into a way of being which feels more authentic and relaxed.

As ever for those keen for last minute availability and shorter bookings, my Telegram channel is the best place to be! It is highly likely that the only day in May when I’ll be offering one hour or 90 minute bookings with be Sunday 5th May. If you’re keen to take advantage of that, get in touch ASAP!

I’ll also be in Cornwall in mid May, and have a little sliver of availability on the afternoon of the 17th. So if you’ve been admiring me from afar in the South West and want to make something happen, let me know.

Restaurant of the Month

Each month, I’m going to be picking a restaurant on my wishlist as my restaurant of the month. Anyone taking me for dinner here will be given a highly preferential rate (along with an extremely enthusiastic dinner companion) to reflect my desire to try some new places and dishes this summer!

This month, I’m very keen to visit Frog. I read a review which described this place as “Over the top, audacious and overly complicated, but also completely delightful” which is a description which speaks to my own character – so how could I not want to go here? Pictures I’ve seen from friends make it look absolutely stunning, and I’ve heard only good things.

If you’d like to make me very, very happy then a dinner date here would be a dream. Get in touch and we can start planning!

May’s Dream Duo –  Amelia Laurent

Can you believe that London is blessed with two gorgeous, curvy redheads called Amelia and we still have never done a duo?

I adore Amelia – we have such an easy chemistry whenever we spend time together that it seems a shame we’ve never had a chance to explore that further, with fewer clothes.

Her birthday is in May and I would humbly suggest that an afternoon or evening of Champagne, scintillating conversation and debauchery would be an excellent way to celebrate. Keen? Let’s make it happen.

Cultural Connections

Another of my resolutions this year was to visit more exhibitions and galleries. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this but London is truly over-flowing with cultural offerings, so why not take advantage of this?

Unravel: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art at the Barbican closes at the end of May, and so this is top of my date ‘to-do’ list this month. This exhibition brings together fifty international, inter-generational artists who use textiles to communicate vital ideas about power, resistance and survival. From intimate hand-crafted pieces to monumental sculptural installations, these works offer narratives of violence, imperialism and exclusion alongside stories of resilience, love and hope.

“Textiles cover and protect us, engage our senses, trigger our memories, represent our beliefs, hold our stories. We are wrapped in cloth when we’re born and enshrouded in it when we die.”

I’d suggest a stroll around this followed by a drink in the sunshine by the lake – before stealing away to a dark corner at The Rookery nearby to remove a few textiles of our own.

kinky bbw london escort Amelia Swann

Dream Date – Extended Edition!

And finally – each month I’ll be suggesting a extended date for those who are keen to start building some deeper connections. This would be a chance for us to start growing something authentic, genuine and magical together.

In May, I’m dreaming of a seaside break to Margate. My suggestion would be catching an afternoon train down to the coast and dropping our bags at the Fort Road Hotel. We could then spend the afternoon wandering around the Turner Contemporary before a dinner at Angela’s. The next morning we could enjoy a leisurely brunch before heading to the Sea Scrub Sauna – this is a gorgeous traditional Nordic Barrel sauna with wood fired stove, overlooking the sea. My favourite thing to do is spend some time warming up before running down the beach into the sea – but that’s optional, of course.

Margate is one of my favourite places to spend a weekend (or any part of week, frankly). To make this happen – drop me an email!