Pinwheels and Powerplay

London BBW Redhead Escort Amelia Swann

There are some things in life which, when we see them for the first time, we’re inherently drawn to. This is as true in kink and BDSM as it is with art, and I think our favourite toys say a lot about us as kink archetypes.

For me, my hands always reach for the pinwheel, or Wartenburg wheel. It’s discreet, chic and can vary wildly from soft and gentle to very, very mean – just like me! In its original form, this was a medical device for neurological usage, designed to test nerve reactions and sensitivity by rolling it gently across the skin. And since I am officially a doctor (of philosophy, but who’s keeping track) my adoration of this toy seems only too appropriate.

Robert Wartenberg, namesake of the Wartenberg wheel, is often incorrectly credited as its inventor, but as he himself has emphasised, the device was in widespread use in Europe when he lived in Germany. Whilst he did not invent it, he found it “an indispensable part of the outfit for everyday neurologic practice,” and recommended its use to his colleagues in the US. Wartenberg and I have this in common, as I also consider this an indispensable part of my practice and have recommended its use to many of my colleagues, in the US and across the globe. 

When I’m packing my bag for a Domme booking, it’s rare I’ll leave out my pinwheel, unless specifically asked. I love the aesthetics of this toy, so small yet so painful. I love the sensations it can produce. And I love it’s range, from a sensual approach, barely grazing the skin, to something much, much more mean. If you’re keen to introduce this toy to your play, here are my recommendations. 

Wartenberg Wheel Techniques and Tips

Start Slowly

When using a Wartenberg wheel for the first time, take it slow. Gently glide the wheel over the skin to get used to the sensation before applying more pressure. Start with broader areas of the body like the back, arms or legs before moving to more sensitive areas. This allows your partner to get accustomed to the feeling and avoid overstimulation.

Vary Speed and Pressure

Once comfortable, experiment with different speeds and pressures. Roll it quickly for a prickling sensation or press down as you roll for deeper pinpricks. Drag it slowly across the skin for anticipation and teasing. Mixing up the speed, pressure and location keeps your partner guessing and heightens the experience.

Sensitive Areas

As your partner relaxes into the sensation, move to more sensitive areas like the inner thighs, sides of the torso or around erogenous zones. Rolling over nipples, the clitoris or frenulum can elicit gasps of pleasure and pain. Be very cautious and attentive to your partner’s responses, especially when stimulating these areas. Always start lighter and build up pressure slowly based on their feedback.

Temperature Play

Temperature can intensify the sensation of the Wartenberg wheel spikes. Run the wheel under cold or warm water before use for a shocking contrast with the skin. You can also alternate between the heated and chilled wheel for a sensory rollercoaster ride. This technique works especially well on broader areas of skin before directing the wheel to more sensitive spots.

Pair with Other Toys

Combine the Wartenberg wheel with other toys and tools for a fuller experience. Use a blindfold to remove the sense of sight and focus sensation. Incorporate bondage like cuffs or rope to restrain your partner and make them helpless to the wheel’s wandering spikes. Apply clothespins or nipple clamps and roll the wheel over the attached areas. The possibilities for creative play are endless!

With some experimentation, you’ll discover new techniques for using this devious little toy. Always start slowly, pay close attention to your partner and never push them beyond their comfort level. In the right hands, the Wartenberg wheel can deliver intense sensations and open the door to an exciting new world of kink exploration – and I like to think my hands are just perfect for this

And if you need a little more proof, enjoy this teaser of a full length video I made a few years back in lockdown, experimenting with some solo pinwheel play.

London BBW Redhead Escort Amelia Swann