Aesthetics and Anticipation

BBW Independent Escort London Amelia Swann

On Getting Ready for a Date.

I commented on Twitter a few weeks ago about the pleasure I take from carefully applying immaculate eyeliner and lipstick, painstakingly making sure that my wings are even and my cupid’s bow neat, in the firm knowledge it will all be smeared off by a passionate lover’s embrace in the next few hours.

It made me think more about the joy I take from getting ready for a date. The slow build up of glamour, getting into the right mood through the construction of a particular aesthetic, all of which contributes to that fluttering feeling of anticipation – it’s one of my favourite things about this job!

Due to my style of working, getting ready for a date is usually a very deliberate process for me. There have been some excellent conversations about phrases such as “escorts don’t just sit around in lingerie and lipstick waiting for bookings”. But, unless I’m specifically offering incalls, it’s generally true for me. No way of working is better or worse than others – and quite frankly, in my opinion there’s something delightfully louche about the idea of sitting around in lipstick and lingerie waiting for a lover.

However, this means that when I prepare for a booking, I often have a specific person in mind.  I try and discern what my client’s like and dislikes are, aesthetically, before we meet, and it’s a particular pleasure of mine to try and create a visual delight for each new session, tailoring my look to each person I meet.

Getting ready for a professional date is very similar to preparing for a date in my ‘civilian’ life, but taken to a more extreme form. I like to leave myself a few hours, luxuriate in the process of transforming myself from my everyday incarnation into a creature of excess and glamour. A woman whose skin glows, whose lips are slicked with scarlet, whose eyes are heavy with lust. I’m still myself, just elevated to my most glamorous.

After I’ve finished with my make up, I’ll begin to dress, slowly and carefully. Will I choose lace or latex? Dark and sultry, or light and sweet? If we’ve met, you’ll know my love of stockings and suspenders – these are impossible to put on in a hurry if you value your nylons. Finally, the outer layer. I often favour a more ‘covered up’ look, especially on social dates – the anticipation of what’s underneath is intoxicating. Teasing a lover with the straight lines of a seamed stocking, or a flash of a suspender clasp as I climb the stairs – there’s nothing quite like it.

If all of this sounds like a time consuming process – you’d be right! Professional companions like BBW Independent Escort s in London put significant time and effort into our pre date preparations, which makes last minute cancellations all the more frustrating. But the look on the face of a client as he first sees me, his eyes flickering with desire, is more than worth it.