Canadians and Crushes

Meeting Longtime Crushes

One of the joys of Twitter is the possibilities it opens up for international connections and crushes. The ability to chat to and flirt with gorgeous babes all over the world is frankly a delight, and I’ve met some truly incredibly people through this medium as a London redhead luxury escort.

This London redhead luxury escort enjoyed a lengthy online flirtation with Eda Blackwood before I finally had the chance to meet her, courtesy of a delightful gentleman. She’s as sharp and eloquent in person as she is online, combined with the type of fiercely sensual beauty which makes people in the street stop and turn their heads. As we strolled around the museum, our hands accidentally brushing against each other, I felt alive with anticipation. The conversation over lunch flowed with an easy sparkle, and what followed was pure fireworks – but would you expect anything less when you get two firey switches in a room together and let them loose on each other?

I’m not exaggerating when I say the date was one of the highlights of my year, and so I had to seriously contain my excitement when I heard Eda would be back in London in September. She still has some limited availability left for dates and I would strongly encourage you to clear your schedule and see her.

Or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could make a date with the two of us and see what mischief we can make together!