Corsets and Curves

London BBW Mistress Amelia Swann

Your Fetish Courtesan

For my first blog, I thought I’d write a little love letter to one of my favourite garments to wear as a BBW fetish escort in London: the corset.

When I was a child, I had an obsession with historical literature, partly for the dramatic love stories and salacious sex scenes, but it was the clothing, the corsets, the stockings and garter belts, which I fell for. It all seemed so decadent, a luxurious approach to underpinnings that was the height of overblown femininity. I would gaze at the silhouettes of women in old photographs and dream of achieving that wasp waist.

The first time I bought a corset, I went with a lover. We’d made an appointment at a corsetiere and the two of us were overcome with joy – giggling like schoolgirls, sneaking into the other’s dressing room to steal kisses and admire ourselves. I tried on about five or six different styles before finding the perfect fit. All of the pieces I’d tried had looked good, but when the assistant laced me into the final one, we all did a little gasp. It was like it had been made for me.

Since then, my knowledge of corsetry has grown, and I’m now dreaming of custom made designs, in velvet, latex…endless possibilities for me to wear as a BBW fetish escort in London.

Wearing a corset is a deliberate thing: it is not something you can just ‘throw on’, but this is part of its appeal. There is something very soothing and meditative about the process: unlacing, getting the positioning right and then slowly, carefully lacing yourself into it, tightening it until the fit is just as you want it. The laces must be pulled in just the right way, just the right amount. It is not something everyone can do, and requires care and attention to the wearer’s body. As a BBW fetish escort, it’s something which has become a key part of my repertoire.

I wear my corset when I want to shock people – my proportions when it’s tightly laced have to be seen to be believed. I wear it when I want to feel submissive, letting my lovers lace me tighter and tighter until I can barely breathe, then releasing into a endorphin fuelled swoon. I wear when I want to feel powerful and dominant, it makes me stand taller and move more decisively. I wear it when I want a secret to myself, ‘stealthing’ under a demure dress so that I have a secret to myself all night.

My corset can be armour against the world, or a restrictive bondage device. It satisfies my love of extreme shapes and bizarre silhouettes. It can be ostentatious or almost completely hidden, and the duality of this garment will never fail to thrill me.

If you’re thinking about buying a corset yourself, this is a wonderful guide.

And if you’d like to contribute to my collection, or just admire me in one, get in touch…

London BBW Mistress Amelia Swann