April and Awakenings

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April and Awakenings April may well be the cruellest month, but when you’re a masochist like me, that’s surely not a bad thing. The weather might not be the glorious spring sunshine we’re all hoping for (yet…) but that doesn’t mean we can’t start to welcome the beginning of Spring by making plans for pleasure, […]

Power and Professionalism

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Naughty Secretary and Office Role Play To celebrate the release of the KLE Collective’s latest office-themed group photoshoot, I wrote something about why the workplace is such an erotically charged space, and so many of us love office role-play. You can read it over on the KLE blog, but I decided it was too good […]

Inside and Outside

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London Slowly Reopens. I met someone the other day who moved to London in late February 2020. Within a few weeks of uplifting his life and arriving in the city, we were in lock-down. As a London BBW GFE escort who has lived in London my whole life, bar a few years away at university, […]

Magic and More

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The Magic of a Woman’s Touch I was feeling full of lust and longing the other day, and so poured my London curvy redhead escort energy into some erotic writing. Do let me know what you think… Making Magic You wanted magic? Well, let me tell you about the most powerful magic of all: the […]

News and Narratives

London BBW Redhead Escort Amelia Swann

Amelia Swann Newsletter and OnlyFans Have you heard? I’ve launched a newsletter – you can sign up here. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog, in part because the pandemic has meant that the opportunities for excitement have lessened somewhat. I’ve struggled with what to write, and much of my creative energy has […]

Returning and Reviving

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Adjusting my diary; let’s start again! Hate to watch you leave, but love to watch you…come back? Sorry for the terrible mangling of that quote, but shockingly, there are few aphorisms which sum up the feeling of returning to your lovers after a global pandemic. I know, I’m as surprised as you are. But, as […]

Wanderings and Wonderings

‘A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else’ London has been my home since I was born. I grew up in this beautiful city, and bar a few years here and there, I’ve never left. I pride myself on taking a keen interest in my home town. The history, […]

Picnics and Parks

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Pandemic in the Summer As this long, lockdown summer continues, I’ve been thinking about new ways to connect and maintain the many and varied relationships I’ve built over the past few years as a BBW redhead escort in London. I have really enjoyed exploring virtual intimacies – there’s something thrilling about building up tension and […]

Time and Temptation

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The Beginning of Lockdown in London It’s been three weeks since the United Kingdom entered the lockdown. Feels a lot longer though, doesn’t it? Time has taken on a strange quality, seemingly stretching out and compressing in one instance. The length of a day has become a fluid, uncertain thing. For many of us, it’s […]

Kinks and Collectives

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Kinky London Escorts Last night, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the first Kinky London Escorts Collective social – and it was incredible. The first of hopefully many, this was an event which brought together some of the most beautiful and intelligent babes in London, much to the delight and confusion of everyone else […]