Thoughts and Tryst

This blog has been left langouring with out any love for the past few months. This is in part due to a very hectic schedule outside of my work as a London BBW companion – but I’ve also had the opportunity to write a few articles for one of my favourite websites, Tryst, which has taken up all my literary capacity.

Tryst is an independent escort directory, created by a sex work and technologist run social enterprise called Assembly Four. Its founders, Eliza, chendo and Lola, began the project in response to the increasingly desperate need for a free alternative to verified advertising. Some of my favourite clients have found me through Tryst (you can see my profile here), and I think it is truly raising the bar for other larger more established directories, in terms of cost, design and overall management…although I shall name no names!

They also have an incredible blog – and they very kindly invited me to create a few pieces for this. In case you missed them, I thought I’d share all three here as well. I hope you enjoy them – maybe you’d like to let me know your thoughts over a drink?

A Cultural History of Hips, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love my love handles

“There’s no denying that the hips are one of the most fascinating and alluring parts of the human body. Whether we’re admiring them in art, swaying them on the dancefloor, or shimmying them into a tight skirt, hips have long captivated our attention and imagination. But why? What is it about hips that makes them so powerful, so sensual, and so integral to our cultural identity? And why is our relationship to our own frequently so fraught and complex?”

This piece was a love letter to my body as a London BBW companion, as well as a walk through the history of curves.

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Ten Reasons Not to Date a Sex Worker

“About every four weeks, just like clockwork, someone will take to the internet – whether on Twitter, Reddit or Instagram – and bestow upon us their very important and valuable opinion: “I’d never date a sex worker”. I know what you’re thinking – this is plainly whorephobia, insinuating that sex workers are either all cheating sluts who can’t keep our legs closed; or damaged girls with daddy issues; or just plain dirty!

But hear me out for one minute – maybe they’re right? Dating sex workers can be a minefield, full of potential issues, and who are we to argue with the posts of @pus$syluvr696918, a highly respected source in our community?

Clearly more research is needed, and as a sex worker and part-time sociologist, I am clearly the right person for the job. After extensive fieldwork and qualitative data analysis (read: going on a LOT of dates and gossiping about them in the group chat), I can safely say I’ve finally got some answers. I’ve put together this much needed community resource, to help us all out.”

A vital piece, exploring the fraught world of dating as a sex worker!

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A Tryst With London Escort Amelia Swann

And finally, something a little more personal. If we’ve not met, this interview might satisfy some of your curiosity. It was such a pleasure to sit down with Tryst and chat through a little more about how I began my journey into this world, my thoughts about femininity, and much more!

So relax, pour yourself a glass of wine, and peruse at your leisure. I really hope you enjoy them!