Returning and Reviving

London BBW Redhead Escort Amelia Swann

Adjusting my diary; let’s start again!

Hate to watch you leave, but love to watch you…come back?

Sorry for the terrible mangling of that quote, but shockingly, there are few aphorisms which sum up the feeling of returning to your lovers after a global pandemic. I know, I’m as surprised as you are.

But, as you may have guessed, I have some good news! From 21st August, my diary will once again re-open for more intimate dates. I am so excited to reconnect with some of you, it’s been far, far too long.

Priority will go to those who get in my diary sooner rather than later, so if you’ve missed your favourite curvy redhead escort and would like to make a date, please do get in touch.

A change is better than a rest

However, as they say, change is good, and so with that in mind, I’ll be making a few adjustments. In order to make sure we both keep safe, I’ll only be making two dates a month, and will be spacing them out with at least two weeks in between.

As a result, I’ll only be accepting dates of 2+ hours, with a priority for longer dates, particularly those which involved dinner. I’ve desperately missed eating out, and so anyone whose introductory email includes the heavenly words ‘tasting menu’, ‘Bob Bob Ricard‘ or ‘Norma’ will receive a response faster than you can say, another glass of Sancerre, please.

The small print

As before, deposits will be necessary to secure a date, but these will increase to 20%. However, there’ll be much more flexibility around re-scheduling, to ensure that neither one of us has to worry about cancelling due to health concerns.

Once you’ve confirmed the date with a deposit, I’ll be asking you a few simple questions about your recent travel, and I welcome frank discussions of both our respective health and risk.

Moving forward

As we move into a new normal, we need to ensure we make space for pleasure, for luxury and celebration. Times are difficult and confusing, and human connection is more vital than ever. Whether that’s something as simple as a glass of wine and scintillating conversation with someone new, or a day spent with an old friend, these are the moments we need to focus on, amidst the chaos and confusion of everyday life. And I’m so excited to share them with you. So, let’s make something happen!

London BBW Redhead Escort Amelia Swann