Wanderings and Wonderings

‘A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else’

London has been my home since I was born. I grew up in this beautiful city, and bar a few years here and there, I’ve never left. I pride myself on taking a keen interest in my home town. The history, the people, the life – they are all truly fascinating to me, and learning about my city is an ongoing and ever-changing practice.

As London begins to open up more and more, there’s no better time to explore it a little – wander down some unusual streets, take that left turn you’ve always wanted to, stop to truly see the city, rather than just pass through. And who better to do so than a true London companion, in all senses of the word?

I’m now offering curated cultural London walks, offering you a behind-the-scenes look at my favourite city. We’ll pick the area together, and then I’ll put together a curated stroll around some of the most notable spots. As we walk, I’ll share stories of growing up, interesting cultural and historical facts, and we can take in the glorious urban landscape.

Finally, we’ll end up at a bar or cafe, to rest our feet and replenish our thirst. Or perhaps you’d like to round this off with lunch? I can guarantee that wherever we walk I know just the right little off-the-beaten track place, where someone can serve you a plate of something salty and a large glass of wine.

It’s a chance not only for us to get the know the city, but also each other. Conversation just flows naturally when you’re wandering, I find, and London is a topic I could talk about for hours.

I imagine this sort of date to last for approximately two hours at a minimum, although I want them to be unhurried – a leisurely stroll rather than an Olympic sprint. My fee for these dates begins at £400 for two hours.

So, if you’re keen to spend an afternoon exploring the city with the perfect London companion, get in touch and let’s make a plan.