Stockings and Suspenders

Stockings Fetish & Suspenders Fetish

I’ve written before about how much I love corsetry, but seeing a picture from a recent shoot reminded me of a less obvious type of lingerie for which I have a real adoration: the suspender belt, or if you’re stateside, the garter belt.

I can still remember the very first suspender belt I bought, at the tender age of 18. I was desperate to impress a lover, and obviously saw impractical lingerie as the way to do it. The piece I bought was cheap and scratchy, and barely held up the – equally cheap and scratchy – stockings I’d bought. It took me forever to fasten the clips, my inexperienced fingers fumbling to push the delicate fabric into place.

But I’ll never forget the look on my partner’s face as he saw me for the first time, in stockings, suspenders and matching bra. The slow smile which grew, and the urgency with which his hands ran over my body – it was electric. I felt a type of allure which I’d never previously experience – gone was the clumsy awkward girl, and in her place a seductress.

My taste in lingerie has thankfully improved, thanks to generous lovers and wonderful writing on the subject, and I now favour a more classic style of suspender belt, with at least six straps to keep my seams in a razor straight line. But the effect that this item of lingerie has on me has lingered, and putting on stockings and suspenders still gives me a frisson of excitement, every time. I feel provocative and powerful, knowing that, if I so chose, I could give a quick flash of the top of my stocking in public. It’s a subtle, secret kind of sexiness – until my clothes come off, of course…